The Best Podcast Recording Setup 2018

3 Essential Elements For The Best Podcast Recording Setup in 2018

08.17.17 | Recording Equipment | By: Jacob Bozarth

podcast recording setupOne of the most commonly asked questions we get is this: “What’s the best way to record a podcast?” Perhaps you’ve found yourself asking this very same question expecting a complicated answer, but what might surprise you is that in our experience, the simplest option happens to be the best option. There are many competing and well-known voices out there saying that in order to start a high quality podcast you need to spend lots of money on complex and hard to use equipment, and we want to reassure you that this is simply not true. We have put together the essential elements you need to have a high quality podcast recording setup that doesn’t require you to break the bank or to go back to school to get a Masters of BS in Recording.

Essential elements for the best podcast recording setup 2018:

  1. Microphone & Accessories
  2. Handheld Recorder
  3. Headphones

podcast recording setup

Podcast Recording Setup Essential #1  – Microphone

There are many great microphones out there but these are 3 of our favorites and most highly recommended!

  • Audio-Technica AT 2005 – $79 (Works as both USB or XLR microphone – a GREAT mic for the price)
  • ElectroVoice RE-20 – $449 (Broadcast standard mic and one of our favorites for podcasting)
  • Neumann KSM 105 – $699 (If you want to spend a little more for a top of the line voiceover mic, this is it!)

In addition to getting a great microphone we recommend you always use the following accessories with your mic to avoid common recording issues. You can read more on the purpose of each of these accessories here

podcast recording setup

Podcast Recording Setup Essential #2 : Handheld Recorder

This is our favorite all-in-one tool for podcasting. A handheld recorder replaces the need to use a computer with often complex recording software and greatly simplifies the recording process. These handheld recorders capture each microphone line you plug in onto separate tracks. Another thing we like about the Zoom H5 and H6 is that they are very easy to navigate and adjusting the gain is as simple as turning a knob.

  • Zoom H5  – $269 (2 mic preamps, built in mic and you can purchase an adapter that gives you an additional 2 inputs)
  • Zoom H6 – $349 (4 mic preamps, built in mic and you can purchase an adapter that gives you an additional 2 inputs for a total of 6 individual tracks. Who needs a crappy mixer with low quality preamps when this is an option! Most of the time all a mixer does is lower the quality of your recording and convolute your recording process.)

podcast recording setup

Podcast Recording Setup Essential #3 : Headphones

When recording someone should always wear headphones to monitor the recording and quickly identify any issues. Here are a few pairs we like.

  • Audio-Technica ATH M20X – $49 (Great entry level, affordable, closed back headphones)
  • Sony MDR 7506  – $79 (Middle of the road, closed back headphones. Many reporters and podcaster use and recommend these.)
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro – $169 (Comfortable and they sound great! These are our favorite closed back headphones at this price point.)

Below is a picture of what this podcast recording equipment setup would look like with one person recording a podcast. If you have multiple podcast hosts or guests, just add a microphone, mic cable, mic stand, and pop filter for each guest or co-host. If you are interested in learning more on recording tips, you can check out our post here. If you ever have any questions regarding equipment or anything podcast related feel free to contact us here. Oh and remember if you would like us to help edit, mix, or master your podcast, we offer to produce your first episode for free!

podcast recording setup

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